November 7, 2008

So I had all intentions of keeping up with this thing, but somehow life got in the way. Hate when that happens. I really plan on keeping up with this now because...... *insert drumroll here* ..... I am on Haynay's Creative Team!!! Wohoo! She is a very, very talented designer selling exclusively at Scrap Matters! Let me tell you right now that I LOVE that place! I'm so excited to be using her kits to make my pages super fabulous! I'm going to spend some time trying to figure this whole blogging thing out and post links to all my favorite sites! Can't wait to get started, but I have to, I can only concentrate while the babies are sleeping.

Some family news. I took Allison to the doctor yesterday for her four month check-up. The little stinker is already 15.8 lbs. and 26" long. She had her vaccinations and was a perfect angel. Andrew on the other hand, screamed when the nurse brought us to the room. She tried to close the door and he started crying hysterically. I think he remembered her from the last time we went and they both got shots. As soon as she left he was fine. He's all done with his so yesterday he didn't need any thank goodness. Back to Allison. The Dr. said she's perfect. She's exactly where she is supposed to be. Oh, and her head looks fine. It's healing properly. No need to go back to Riley for a check-up.

Will try to be back later to play some more and make this blog AWESOME! lol.

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