November 26, 2008

Who wants some Quickpages?

I forgot to put on here that Haynay Designs is giving away a quickpage a day from her Beautiful Blessings kit this week on her blog. Go check them out!

I so need to get ready for Thanksgiving. I have yet to clean my house or finish shopping for the food. I need to get on that right now so that I can start preparing the food tonight. I started to last night but came down with a killer migraine. One of the ones that are so bad it made me get sick! I took a Treximet, but it didn't really help, usually those suckers kick in in 10 minutes, but not last night. I was in pain. I feel better today, but I'm just not in the mood to get it in gear.

Off to try to clean. Andrew makes it nearly impossible to get anything done. He likes to "help" me and always ends up making more of a mess than what I start with. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2008

Black Friday!!! I can't wait!!

I've been working on some top secret pages for my CT, but I can't share just yet. I will say that I'm getting excited about Black Friday!! I don't know if we really need to go out shopping because I think we're pretty much done with Christmas presents, BUT I'm just so excited to take advantage of some of the killer deals in the digi-world.
Scrap Matters is having a 40% off sale with a free mega kit w/$10 purchase!!
Here's what I'm eyeing so far:

I'm sure I'll find some other stuff that I just have to have, but there are a couple of other places I wouldn't mind shopping at as well. Too bad I don't have an endless supply of money for scrapping supplies :)

I did a page with Britt's Very Merry add-on and I absolutely love the way it came out!! Can't wait to buy the kit to do some more pages of this photo shoot!

November 21, 2008


I'm so ready for the holidays. I love all the food, smells, atmosphere and general morale of everyone! They especially remind me of how grateful I am to have my family. I don't know what I would do without them. The holidays have been pretty hard for us these last couple of years since Samantha has passed. It's hard to celebrate and be merry when a loved one is gone.

I hope that since Andrew is actually old enough to kind of get opening presents and can enjoy all the yummy food, it might be a little easier. Also, we've added Allison and Hayden to our family since last year and will have another little one next year! (Brad's. Not mine.) There are going to be babies everywhere!

So anyways, with the family in my thoughts, I did a page with my cousins. This is from Wayne's wedding last year. I miss him. Can't wait til he gets back from Japan. There are so few of our actual "family" left, it's hard when one of them is 1,000s of miles away. I truly am grateful for my cousins. We've all grown up together and even though we are all not as close as we use to be, I'm glad we've all found our own paths in life!

November 20, 2008

Just adding a couple of pages

I did the speed scrap at scrap matters last night. Love how my page turned out! I'm digging this collab kit!

I did this one using Deck the Halls - Melissa Bennett & Zoe Pearn collab. I'm starting to do pages from last Christmas. My hope is that I will have last years done before this Christmas. This is also one of the Saturday Specials at Scrap Matters. The challenge was to create a text path.

November 19, 2008

Sick again.

I swear I was just sick! Actually, I was. Two weeks ago!! Then, this morning I woke up with a stuffy nose and no energy and I feel pretty lousy. Hopefully the kids don't get it, but they have both been sleeping all day so I'm wondering if they have. I absolutely hate being sick. I hate not being able to breathe properly and being all snotty!

Yesterday I went and did most of the shopping for Thanksgiving dinner. I was so excited to go to the grocery store alone while my mom watched the kids. And, I got to go to Meijer!!! Oooh, and Target!!! I can't wait til they finish building the Meijer here. I was so proud of myself at the grocery. I saved almost $40 in coupons. The people behind me were talking to me while the cashier was scanning them all. I kind of felt bad that they had to wait so I tried talking to them. I love double coupons!
At Target, I bought Allison the cutest little sweater dress ever! I can't wait to put it on her! I had to buy a 12 months because that's the smallest they came, but she is already wearing some clothes that size. Little chunker! I also bought Andrew's birthday decorations stuff. They had Hallmark kits that had 8 of each: big & little plates, cups, big & little napkins, invitations, a serving tray and I believe a banner done in Cars. I got it for $4.98! Hope he's still diggin cars in April.
I went shopping at Sweet Shoppe Designs this weekend and bought bunches! Okay, not too much, but a few kits. :)

Here's a page using the Little Red Caboose a collab b/w Kristin Cronnin-Barrow, Shawna Clingerman and Melissa Bennett. I loved this kit and it's going to come in handy when Andrew get's his train set for Christmas!

When you bought $10 worth of stuff you got a huge collab from SSD and Scrap Orchard for free! I finally opened it up and started playing with it and this is what I came up with:

November 17, 2008

Say What?!?!

Something must be wrong with me (and the kids) I laid them down for bed last night at around 6:30. I put Allison in our bed with me and fell asleep!!! I woke up around 2am from Allison waking up to be fed and stayed up for about an hour. Went back to sleep and slept until 9 this morning! That's the most I've slept in a really long time. I think all three of us are refreshed and ready to go now. :) Actually, they are both napping now. Thank goodness for naps!
I did some pages this weekend. We had the girls so not much computer time for me.
This one used the freebie kit in November's Scrap Matters newsletter. It's an awesome kit!
I used Haynay Designs really versatile Summer in the Hamptons kit for these little pictures of Andrew. He was such a cute little baby! I miss him like this!

This page uses the Scrap Matters welcome kit that you can get simply by posting an introduction in the Scrap Matters forum and uploading 10 layouts to the gallery! Erica Zane made this awesome Welcome Home kit. It went perfectly for pics of Andrew and my mom from last Christmas!
Well, it's 2pm and I still haven't found my way to the shower. I should probably do that! And the daily cleaning, starting dinner, entertaining the kids, blah, blah, blah. Oh and I need to go haul in some wood for this darn fireplace.

November 13, 2008

One fun page and a really emotional one.

I did a page using Megan Turnidge's Funky Love add-on. I just love how Allison tries to shove her little fists in her mouth. Love how this page turned out!]

The second one I did of my sister was a little hard for me to do. She died in 2005. This page was more theraputic for me. I really wanted to use a picture of the two of us, but unfortunately, they are still packed away in a box down in the basement.

Off to bed!

November 12, 2008

I did a couple more pages!

I'm in a scrapping mood I suppose. I really just think the weather sucks right now and I don't feel like cleaning my house. I did a couple of pages using Erica Zane's Where the Heart Blooms kit. I really liked this kit. So many fun things to do with it!

and I just finished a page using Haynay Designs Fall Splendor Pumpkin add-on kit. I was going through old pictures and found this one of Andrew. There is something about it that I absolutely love. I wanted all the focus to be on the pic on this LO.

Well, I really should get to bed. Andrew wouldn't fall asleep tonight. He screamed for at least two hours. I got him up once and let him come downstairs for a little bit. He cried as soon as I put him down again. I let him cry for a little bit longer and then put him in bed with me for a little, but he was still crying. I laid him down again and he fussed for a bit, but FINALLY fell asleep.

November 11, 2008

I'm on a scrapping roll!

So the kids (and hubby) have been in bed since about 7, so I've had the house all quiet for a while. I got two pages done!!!
I had a 25% off coupon at Scrap Matters for doing October challenges that I needed to use and I bought these two awesome kits!

Here's my two pages. The first one uses Haynay's Beautiful Blessings kit. I did this for the Scrap Matters Saturday Special 11/08 challenge. The second is for the Everyday Magic movie challenge and I used Britt-ish Designs Motor Mania.

November 9, 2008

My pages are getting all Haynay'd up!

I was playing around with a couple of Haynay's great kits this weekend and here's it what I've done!

This first one of Allison is from her Fancy Pants kit

This Halloween layout uses Haynay's Fun with Jack kit. This is also my submission for the latest Roadmap to Scrap challenge at Scrap Matters.

trick or treat

The next two pages uses her brand new Beautiful Blessings kit!

bucket hat 2-1

Here is a preview of Haynay Designs Beautiful Blessings kit:

She's also made this coordinating alpha to compliment the kit:

For this week only you'll get the Beautiful Blessings alpha 2 free with the purchase of the kit at Scrap Matters!

And, she's offering this awesome add-on on her blog!!

Go get it!!! You know you want to!
Beautiful Blessings was such a fun kit to play with!!

November 8, 2008

I made a template!! Hopefully it's usable and works well. I've never made one before and based it on a LO I did and didn't really know what I was doing. I learned on this one!

Sarah's Scraps - Template 1

November 7, 2008

Two Postings in one day!!

So I played around on here just a little bit. I'm not feeling the greatest and tried to nap this afternoon and now I'm wide awake. Wanted to post some of my recent pages.
train def2

christmas morning 2
The train page was done for the word-up challenge at scrap matters. The Christmas page was done for a speed scrap last Wednesday night. I highly recommend the speed scraps at SM. They are so much fun and highly addictive!

So I had all intentions of keeping up with this thing, but somehow life got in the way. Hate when that happens. I really plan on keeping up with this now because...... *insert drumroll here* ..... I am on Haynay's Creative Team!!! Wohoo! She is a very, very talented designer selling exclusively at Scrap Matters! Let me tell you right now that I LOVE that place! I'm so excited to be using her kits to make my pages super fabulous! I'm going to spend some time trying to figure this whole blogging thing out and post links to all my favorite sites! Can't wait to get started, but I have to, I can only concentrate while the babies are sleeping.

Some family news. I took Allison to the doctor yesterday for her four month check-up. The little stinker is already 15.8 lbs. and 26" long. She had her vaccinations and was a perfect angel. Andrew on the other hand, screamed when the nurse brought us to the room. She tried to close the door and he started crying hysterically. I think he remembered her from the last time we went and they both got shots. As soon as she left he was fine. He's all done with his so yesterday he didn't need any thank goodness. Back to Allison. The Dr. said she's perfect. She's exactly where she is supposed to be. Oh, and her head looks fine. It's healing properly. No need to go back to Riley for a check-up.

Will try to be back later to play some more and make this blog AWESOME! lol.