May 31, 2009

BIG Announcement & a Freebie ......

..... I'm now selling at Funky Playground Designs!!! Woohoo! I made it all the way through the contest and selling exclusively there. I'm just a little excited :) I can't believe I've been able to keep quiet for a WHOLE month. Okay, I lie, some of you already know.
Here's what has been keeping me so busy this past month. I've got a couple other things in the works and I'm a little bummed that I don't have them finished yet, but I'm happy to share these two products with you all! And right now, you can get them for 25% off.

Boat Ride was inspired by Nemo, only softer. We have seriously watched this movie everyday for the past few weeks. The kids LOVE it. I tried to include various things to scrap everyday pictures as well.

Here's what my new creative team has done with it:

layout by Becca

Layout by Amy

layout by Katie

I also have this scribbly alpha pack. I've included 6 different colors plus black for easy recoloring.

I have to say, I'm a little relieved that today is the 1st. I've seriously put some hours in at the computer this month. I've learned so much and hope to keep improving. I'm not 100% happy with my packaging yet, but am loving the logo that my friend, Li, made for me.

Another announcement is that I'll be having a creative team call really soon (as soon as I get organized) and am hoping to get some applications. I'd feel like a total loser if nobody applied :)

If you've read this far you deserve a little freebie! Here's an alpha that coordinates with Boat Ride.

(click image to download)

That's it for now, go take a look at all the new designers at Funky Playground. There is some serious talent there.

May 27, 2009

I hate washing bottles.

I have many household tasks that I despise doing and washing bottles is right up there with cleaning toilets and changing diapers. I don't know why I hate it so much. I really don't like doing dishes. I was so happy when we got a dishwasher a few years ago. My goal is to have Allison bottle broke next month or shortly after she turns one, but she still wakes up once or twice a night so I can't quit yet. It might not be so bad if I had more of them, but she decided that the Gerber Nuk ones were the only ones she'd use and at $14 for three, we only have six. Am I the only one who hates washing bottles? What other chores do you despise?

I've been kind of quiet for the last month. Mainly because I have a secret and I'm bad about keeping them to myself. I figured if I don't post, I can't give it away :) I'm dying to spill the beans. I have been busy though and have some things I've been working on for ya.

I want to share a freebie that my friend Li has made. Today's her birthday and she's giving away 5 templates on her blog!!! Go on over and tell her Happy Birthday!

(click on image to go to her blog)

That's it really. I need to get back to work, but keep finding myself getting online and wasting precious computer time. I plan on blogging more. I really do. :)

May 16, 2009

I'm still here.

Just busy. Is it bad that I lurk my own blog? I really have been busy doing secret stuff that you all will find out about soon. Very soon. It's going to be a short post. I have lots to do and am listening to the weather. I'm always nervous when there's tornado warnings and stuff. A few years ago we had a really bad storm in November real late at night. There was no reported tonadoes, but I think that one touched down around our house. What do you think?

We had two giant pine trees uprooted that night. I was pregnant and asleep in the living room right under where the tree fell on the house. I watched power lines go down and catch the neighbors tree on fire. It was crazy. I was half asleep at 3am and I think I called 911 (to report the tree on fire) I remember waking up and it sounded like there was a train outside. So I'm pretty paranoid now about storms.

Anyways, my friend Li has a template freebie on her blog that you need to go snatch up. It's really cute and I love her composition and leave her some love while you're there. She may just make more :)

(click on image to go to her blog)

Speaking of templates, you may want to go through some of my old posts and download any of them that you may have missed. My 4shared account is getting too full (and will have more very soon) and I'm disabling the links. I'll disable links on Monday so you'll have all weekend to get them.

That's it for now. I have some stuff that needs my attention. :)

May 5, 2009

Did you survive NSD weekend?

I feel like I have a online shopping hangover. I had a difficult time surfing all the sites, finding the best deals and trying to score some awesome freebies that I didn't get a chance to really participate anything. I've spent a ton of time unzipping stuff and trying to clean up the hard drive. I'm kind of glad it's over.

I did do some shopping and I'll have to answer some questions when hubby looks at the bank statement (hehe) but it was worth it, and hey, I'm worth it. :) I didn't spend too much and have a ton of stuff to play with, if only I had the time.
I did make a ton of layouts in the last couple of days. I'm kind of exhausted from the Funky Playground competition and it was nice just to scrap with other people's stuff and not have any deadlines to meet. I've entered ScrapMatters Queen of Scraps competition. Yes, I know, another competition, but this one is for scrapping. If you don't know about it you should go check it out. I know that I won't scrap the most and won't become queen, but it will be nice to just scrap.

Okay, some pages, and then I'm off to bed, it's already 1 am and the kids will wake up too early. I'll start off with some CT stuff then show off ones using stuff I bought.

Erica Zane has revamped her Berry Crush. Here's my brother with Allison at Andrew's party.

Matahati Designs has teamed up with Amanda Heimann for a NSD grab bag. Love the colors in this bag!

I just love ALL of Krystal Hartley's stuff and these kits are no exception. I used A Beatiful World on the first and Goodnight, Moon on the second (collab with Ziggle Designs)

This page was done with goodies from Britt-ish Designs grab bag:

Megan Turnidge has this cute kit, Wild Child out that I just HAD to have:

And I had to go shopping at the Sweet Shoppe. Zoe Pearn has some seriously cute kits. I used You Rock on this page

and Some Like it Hot on this one.
They were giving away this So Memorable collab when you spent $10 or more. It's really soft and pretty.

That's all. If you're still reading I found out something today and all I can say is that my house will never be clean again :)

May 1, 2009

Round 4 is up!

Here it is. I'm so nervous about this submission that I don't know what I'm going to do until they announce the winners. I'll probably scrap, if I can concentrate long enough. You can pick it up in the Funky Playground gallery. I had to stop working on it because I could continue adding and taking away forever. I'm happy with it and have learned so much in this past month. I'm ready for a mini design break (no deadlines) I'm going to sit back and enjoy scrapping this weekend. I've done warned DH that I plan on being useless around here tomorrow and to pretend that I'm not even here. We'll see how long that lasts. :)

(image is linked)

Enjoy! I've got half an hour to try to clean before he gets home. I don't want him to think I've been sitting here all day.

Oh, if anyone read my last post, Andrew did fall off the couch and now has a square bruise on his cheekbone from where the coffee table stopped his fall. Poor guy.

I'm still here. Promise.

I've had a super busy week this past week and feel terrible that I haven't blogged since the 21st. I've made it to the final round at Funky Playground and almost have my kit completed. I just need to resize a few things and cut the alpha, but it's done. And I'm glad. It was the hardest challenge for me so far. It wouldn't have been bad if I'd been able to sit down to work for more than an hour at a time, but the Allison's been sick with croup and I think Andrew's been fighting it. He's just been puny and clingy and now I've got a sore throat and feel a little stuffy. It's hard to try to make something cohesive when you are continueously stopping and going.

I'm so excited about International Scrapbook Day!!! I still have no idea what I want to take part in or what I plan on buying. I do know that Scrap Orchard is having a Bingo tomorrow morning with the chance to win really BIG. They also have the Farmer's Market going on with a TON of $1 goodies. There's also a 35% storewide sale and a scavenger hunt in the market. Some great challenges and lots of grab bags. I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch, but it's already been a long morning and it's only 10:30.

ScrapMatters is also having a storewide sale, some great grabbags, challenges and speed scraps galore. I need to make myself a schedule so I don't miss anything.

I'll be back later with a preview of my last entry at FPD. I've called it Feels Like Home. Hopefully, I won't be finishing up at midnight when the deadline is.

Okay, gotta go. Andrew's learned to sit on the back of the couch like the dogs do and look out the window. It's not against a wall and I'm so scared that he's going to fall, but after repeately telling him to get down, on your bottom, off the couch, I don't think he cares that I care about his safety.