April 19, 2011

a little freebie for you digi-scrap racers!

Boy I haven't blogged in FOREVER! It's been rather crazy around here the last six months or so and I've had all intentions of starting to blog, but haven't found the right opportunity to jump right in until tonight.

I just finished my layout for the Amazing Digiscrap Race and was in need of some rocks to complete the challenge. I didn't have any so I went ahead and made up some and wanted to share with anyone else needing them for this challenge. I've also included a mushroom and template that I found in my personal stash. Hopefully, someone can get some use out of them!

Download HERE

Here's my page for the challenge:


Hopefully, I can get back into a regular habit of blogging here soon and pardon the mess of my blog... seems like things have been smushed in my absence!