December 18, 2008

Some more pages

I ended up getting everybody's sickness on Monday and pretty much stayed in bed all day, and now the three of us have head colds! I'm hoping we will all be healthy soon.

I've done a couple pages. I really, really want to get in gear and make up a book for Andrew. He's always looking at the paper scrapbooks of the girls and I have so many pages of him, that I want to print off some. I want to do loose pages in protective covers for him so that he doesn't destroy a bound book, but I would like to have an actual book for myself. I just need to get in gear and finish up some of his earlier pages. I just don't have the desire to do something I need to do. I just can't seem to find the perfect colors for those beginning pages.

Both babies are sleeping right now so I'm doing a little internet surfing. There are so many other things I should be doing, but honestly I don't really feel like doing them. I'm still not feeling 100% better and I just love doing nothing when my house is quiet.
Andrew has started doing the cutest little thing. He'll stand with his arms crossed and hold his elbows with the opposite hands then push his little hip out and start babbling. He'll pause and wait for you to say something, then continue to babble. It's just the cutest little thing ever!
These two pages were from the Winter Shimmer kit available in the Scrap Matters newsletter:
This was for the speed scrap the other day:
Here's one I did of Misty's baby Hayden:
Okay, my eldest monkey is upstairs yelling at me to come get him. So much for my quiet time!

December 14, 2008

Oh, the challenges of motherhood

I'm sitting here at midnight watching Allison sleep. She's the latest one to catch some bug we have floating around our house. Randy and Andrew were both sick yesterday. Throwing up all day long. I felt so bad for Andrew. He had no idea what was happening. He's only vomited once before and this time was really really bad. I spent the whole night doing laundry and taking care of Andrew who just wanted loved on (in return, I was puked on multiple times) then I had Allison who couldn't stay asleep from all the noise and the girls were here as well. Poor Randy was stuck up in bed all day and couldn't be of any help.
Finally, at about 4am, Andrew stopped throwing up and I finally put him in bed. He woke up today feeling puny, but keeping food down. Same with Randy. They both kind of lounged around today. Then tonight, Allison decides it's her turn. I felt so bad for her and actually started crying just watching her (5 months old) throw up. Poor thing. She is my little trooper though and smiled throughout the whole ordeal. So with 5 hours of sleep last night, I'm still taking care of a sick baby. I want to watch her sleep since she's on her back. My fear is that she'll choke on it. So she's laying right beside me in her bassinet.
I'm the only one who hasn't had it yet. I'm afraid I'll wake up in the morning sick after Randy is gone for the day. That would be my luck.
I actually feel really blessed though. This is the first time that I've ever had to stay up with a sick kid and Andrew is almost 20 months old. They are both really healthy and Andrew has only really been sick one other time with just the sniffles.

First, Heather *Haynay Designs* has a new kit in her store at Scrap Matters:

Here are my pages using it:

I did the nighttime speed scrap last week and this is what I came up with using Erica Zane's Woodland Fantasy kit.
I've started shopping at Scrap Orchard here recently and stumbled across Ziggle Designs - A New Leaf kit, which I love. I can see me using it lots:
I got this kit free at Funky Playground when I purchased another kit by Corina Nielson:
I was RAK'd by Matahati Designs and picked up the goodies to make this layout:
Here's another page using Matahati's All That's Fall kit. I just love these pics of Emma:

I bought the new Heaven & Nature Sing kit by Krystal Hartley and made this cute little layout of Allison:
I need to go finish up the laundry that I started earlier. I swear, the stuff multiplies overnight.

December 10, 2008

Probably only exciting to a scrapper!

This layout was chosen for the layout of the week at Scrap Matters. I honestly love that place. I feel like I "fit" in nicely:
This one's of me and Randy at the Brickyard last year. I did it for a scraplift challenge at SM.

I went shopping at Scrap Orchard and bought some really great stuff from Matahati. This is from a long time ago when we went to the East coast on vacation.

This one is for the cookie exchange at Sweet Shoppe Designs. I'm in love with the way it turned out!

Haynay has a new kit out this week called Little Boy Express available at Scrap Matters. Here's the page I did using it:

She has some wordart freebies on her blog. Go check them out!

She's also hosting a daytime speed scrap Friday December 12th at 1 p.m. EST. Verdict is still out on whether or not I can make it, all depends on if the babies nap.

December 4, 2008

Sometimes I feel like I'm raising a monster.

I really do. The child is only 19 months old and I believe I've already entered the terrible two's. He gets into absolutely everything. Has to undo everything I try to do. Yells. Kicks. Hits. Screams, oh how he screams. Gets into everything he's been told repeatedly not to. Today, I actually thought of implementing a time out chair. Already!
My mom says I went wrong by never putting him in a playpen. The child just learned to crawl in June and didn't walk until August. I never had to put him up. He just stayed there. I totally disagree with playpens. This is his house too. If he can reach it, it's his to reach. Now only if I could make sure to put away everything he's not supposed to have.
I'm dreading the day when Allison decides to become mobile. When that time comes I may just have to gate them into a couple of rooms. And make sure I'm in another. he he.
I love him deeply though. More than I ever thought I could possibly love someone. I am amazed at the little person he is becoming. He definately keeps me on my toes.

I love little Allison too! She has this smile that is just too big for her little face to produce. You can tell she wants to smile bigger, but the poor thing can't. She really is my little breath of fresh air. She is always so happy. She's been doing this little dinosaur cry. She will open her mouth really wide and let out a long "aaaaaa" from the back of her throat.
Back to my monster.... He's feeding the dog with a cooking spoon. Time for bed for him. :)

December 3, 2008

Just some recent pages I've done

This is from Thanksgiving.

This one is for a scraplift challenge at SM:

This one is using one of Sweet Shoppe's cookies, part of the cookie exchange:

This one is for the Tuesday template challenge at SM:

I just love the way this one came out!

I did this one for a Roadmap to Scrap challenge at scrap Matters:

It's early for me. I couldn't go back to sleep this morning and got up with all intentions of cleaning before the kids woke up. I just don't feel like it. It's just too early :)
Actually, I love it when I'm awake and both kids are still sleeping. It's so quiet in the house and I just love sitting, listening to the silence. I believe I'm going to continue doing that. I can clean later and get frustrated with Andrew helping me. He just loves to help mommy do everything.

December 1, 2008

What a Weekend

I'm so glad this weekend is over. It was just exhausting. We had a nice Thanksgiving with the family, but man was it chaotic! Randy and I went shopping on Friday and Saturday and pretty much finished up Christmas shopping. I'm so glad. I try not to leave the house in December because of all the people.

After doing some Black Friday shopping online, I was able to do a couple of pages. I also needed to finish up some challenges for Scrap Matters points.
I used Haynay Designs new Grab Bag for these two pages:

the Very Merry collab of Britt-ish Designs and Decrow Designs for these. I'm so happy I bought this kit! It's one of my favorites!!:

This is done with Britt's White Christmas that was in her grab bag:
This page uses the Scrap Matters collab Comfort and Joy:
Well, the kids both decided to wake up at the same time, I'll have to add credits later.