December 4, 2008

Sometimes I feel like I'm raising a monster.

I really do. The child is only 19 months old and I believe I've already entered the terrible two's. He gets into absolutely everything. Has to undo everything I try to do. Yells. Kicks. Hits. Screams, oh how he screams. Gets into everything he's been told repeatedly not to. Today, I actually thought of implementing a time out chair. Already!
My mom says I went wrong by never putting him in a playpen. The child just learned to crawl in June and didn't walk until August. I never had to put him up. He just stayed there. I totally disagree with playpens. This is his house too. If he can reach it, it's his to reach. Now only if I could make sure to put away everything he's not supposed to have.
I'm dreading the day when Allison decides to become mobile. When that time comes I may just have to gate them into a couple of rooms. And make sure I'm in another. he he.
I love him deeply though. More than I ever thought I could possibly love someone. I am amazed at the little person he is becoming. He definately keeps me on my toes.

I love little Allison too! She has this smile that is just too big for her little face to produce. You can tell she wants to smile bigger, but the poor thing can't. She really is my little breath of fresh air. She is always so happy. She's been doing this little dinosaur cry. She will open her mouth really wide and let out a long "aaaaaa" from the back of her throat.
Back to my monster.... He's feeding the dog with a cooking spoon. Time for bed for him. :)

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