May 1, 2009

I'm still here. Promise.

I've had a super busy week this past week and feel terrible that I haven't blogged since the 21st. I've made it to the final round at Funky Playground and almost have my kit completed. I just need to resize a few things and cut the alpha, but it's done. And I'm glad. It was the hardest challenge for me so far. It wouldn't have been bad if I'd been able to sit down to work for more than an hour at a time, but the Allison's been sick with croup and I think Andrew's been fighting it. He's just been puny and clingy and now I've got a sore throat and feel a little stuffy. It's hard to try to make something cohesive when you are continueously stopping and going.

I'm so excited about International Scrapbook Day!!! I still have no idea what I want to take part in or what I plan on buying. I do know that Scrap Orchard is having a Bingo tomorrow morning with the chance to win really BIG. They also have the Farmer's Market going on with a TON of $1 goodies. There's also a 35% storewide sale and a scavenger hunt in the market. Some great challenges and lots of grab bags. I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch, but it's already been a long morning and it's only 10:30.

ScrapMatters is also having a storewide sale, some great grabbags, challenges and speed scraps galore. I need to make myself a schedule so I don't miss anything.

I'll be back later with a preview of my last entry at FPD. I've called it Feels Like Home. Hopefully, I won't be finishing up at midnight when the deadline is.

Okay, gotta go. Andrew's learned to sit on the back of the couch like the dogs do and look out the window. It's not against a wall and I'm so scared that he's going to fall, but after repeately telling him to get down, on your bottom, off the couch, I don't think he cares that I care about his safety.

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