November 19, 2008

Sick again.

I swear I was just sick! Actually, I was. Two weeks ago!! Then, this morning I woke up with a stuffy nose and no energy and I feel pretty lousy. Hopefully the kids don't get it, but they have both been sleeping all day so I'm wondering if they have. I absolutely hate being sick. I hate not being able to breathe properly and being all snotty!

Yesterday I went and did most of the shopping for Thanksgiving dinner. I was so excited to go to the grocery store alone while my mom watched the kids. And, I got to go to Meijer!!! Oooh, and Target!!! I can't wait til they finish building the Meijer here. I was so proud of myself at the grocery. I saved almost $40 in coupons. The people behind me were talking to me while the cashier was scanning them all. I kind of felt bad that they had to wait so I tried talking to them. I love double coupons!
At Target, I bought Allison the cutest little sweater dress ever! I can't wait to put it on her! I had to buy a 12 months because that's the smallest they came, but she is already wearing some clothes that size. Little chunker! I also bought Andrew's birthday decorations stuff. They had Hallmark kits that had 8 of each: big & little plates, cups, big & little napkins, invitations, a serving tray and I believe a banner done in Cars. I got it for $4.98! Hope he's still diggin cars in April.
I went shopping at Sweet Shoppe Designs this weekend and bought bunches! Okay, not too much, but a few kits. :)

Here's a page using the Little Red Caboose a collab b/w Kristin Cronnin-Barrow, Shawna Clingerman and Melissa Bennett. I loved this kit and it's going to come in handy when Andrew get's his train set for Christmas!

When you bought $10 worth of stuff you got a huge collab from SSD and Scrap Orchard for free! I finally opened it up and started playing with it and this is what I came up with:

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