October 5, 2009

New Kit, Memories of You

It's new release day at the playground and I have a new kit out today that I've named, Memories of You. You can pick it up today only for 25% off!

I usually have a hard time naming kits. I usually go through ten names before I decide on one that I don't feel is too cheesy or generic. This kit was no different. I actually had a whole different theme going before it ended up this way. While working, it occurred to me that my sister's favorite color was blue and how I wished I had more pictures of her before she died. If I did have pictures I would want to scrap them with something timeless with a little bit of fun thrown in there. One day, when the timing is right, I do want to make sort of a digital journal of the memories I do have of her, stories that I can share with my children about my life with my sister. Actually, I think she finds her way in a lot of my kits. She kind of just sneaks in there without me knowing until I look at the whole thing put together. We are preserving memories with scrapping though right? I have a ton of memories in my head.

Enough rambling... Check out these gorgeous layouts from my personal CT and the rockin FPD CT.

Layout by Jude:

Layout by Li:

Layout by AmyP:

Layout by Amy:

Layout by Anne-Katrine:

Layout by Cheryl:

Layout by Erika:

Layout by Jaime:

Layout by Leigh:

Layout by Julie:

Layout by Trish:

they just rocked this kit, didn't they? I'm actually posting this late night Sunday and I really need to get to bed. My kids are becoming quite the little monsters lately. I'm hoping it's just a phase, but I need all the rest I can get.

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