April 16, 2009

I made it to round 3!!

If you're following along with me, I'm so happy that I made it to round three of the Funky Playground design contest!! Thanks to everyone who left me some love on my first two entries. It makes me all warm inside that you all have made the effort to leave a comment. Thank you.
I'm also excited that Erica Zane, you know THE Erica Zane, asked me to be on her creative team. I've been using her stuff since I discovered her at ScrapMatters in October and would like to say that I've been a loyal customer. I love her mix of realistic elements and textured papers. Everything she designs is so touchable and real. She has teamed up with Mari Koegelenberg on Tropical Escape AND it's 20% off today!!

I love the colors in this, but unfortunately, have no tropical-ish pictures. We haven't left Indiana since we've had the kids. Oh, wait, we did go to Ohio. lol. I did however make this layout of Allison. Halfway through this, I realized that my Eat Your Peas would've been perfect for these pictures, but I like where this was going.

Here are a couple more pages using some of Erica's goodies

Here's another page that I made using Megan Turnidge's Little Pixie kit. It's just a sweet little kit.

I really should be cleaning the house. We're having Andrew's part this Saturday and I haven't done anything for it. Randy told me he has to work that day until 1, and I've been telling people to come at noon. I'm scared to get to into cleaning since it's going to be destroyed by the kiddos in the next two days, but it has to be done.
Andrew decided not to nap today and is sitting on my lap playing with my jewelry. I did get a new computer for my birthday and it was delivered yesterday. We still haven't bought a moniter yet so I can't really use it. Randy hooked our current moniter up to it last night to get everything going, but I made him hook it back up to the old computer since all my programs, pictures and scrap stuff is on this one. I really need to get everything moved to the EHD and get my programs installed on my new one. I have such a sweet husband.


jmutchler said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to see what you do for Round 3.

Lizzy said...

Of course you made it to round 3!! Your kits have been the best ones in it! Congrats on making it, and on your CT gig. Can't wait to see what you design for the next round!