March 16, 2009

Hope it's all good.

I've put up links to 4shared on all of the freebies and now I'm all paranoid that a link won't work or something. It's been such a long time since I've used 4shared that I don't remember if there's a password. If it asks for one, it's Andrew.

I've also changed them all to .zip files. I hope I've linked the correct files to their images. You should see the folder where I have them all. Talk about messy! And for some odd reason, I can't get the spacing right on my last post.

So anyways, thanks for hanging with me while I figure out all the problems. I just got CS3 this weekend and am bummed that I haven't even opened it to play yet and while I would like to do it tonight, it's after midnight and I really should head to bed. Anyone have any good tutorials? I know it's going to be impossible for me to use at first since I've been using paintshop for the last two years.

Crossing fingers that all the links are right, if not, I'll try to fix them in the morning.

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Toni said...

Hi Sarah, I've been busy today with one of your templates, and had no problems with the d/l or making the LO (I use CS2)
If you would like a stickybeak, you can see the LO here
I'm envious that you have CS3 -- there are loads of tutorials if you try Google, and you'll have it all figured out in no time, I'm sure.