September 14, 2009

I'm Baaack! and I have a new template pack!

So without going into too many major details, I was super busy last week. I can finally say that my two year old is potty trained and my 14 month old is a walker!! I've been a mad woman trying to make my house up to par for a brand new walker. She hasn't stopped moving in four days and momma's exhausted. By the time they go to bed, I'm ready for bed myself. My husband also celebrated his birthday on Saturday. All of that along with some other personal things has been the reason that I haven't been on the computer very much. I have so many things that still need to be done and want to apologize for not posting on my blog.

Long awaited CT announcement. I'm sorry this took so long to get posted. I was still waiting to hear from a couple of people. Unfortunately, I don't have a fancy announcement, but I still want to introduce my newest team members:


I would like to thank EVERYONE who applied for my creative team. It was not an easy decision. I went through galleries and read every single application. I tried to select new members who had different scrapping styles than the girls that were already on my team. I love seeing the same product used in different ways that I may not think of. I also wanted to make sure that these different styles still meshed with my design style. I also based it on the applications. I wanted to pick out ladies that I felt would mesh well with my existing team. I take this seriously and viewed the applications as I would if I were going through resumes. My team helps me sell kits and I want to make sure that we all fit well together. I'm rambling just to say that there are many of you who are fantastic scrappers and unfortunately, I couldn't choose all of you. :(

I've managed to have a new release today! I know the day's nearly over, but you can get my new Lined Up template pack on sale through Tuesday.

Li used Remember Me for this layout:

Erin R. used my World Traveler collab with Haynay Designs for this page:

Jude used Backyard Friends on this cute little page:

Time for me to go curl up in bed. It's been one long day!

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