November 8, 2009

Contest Winners!!!

To the TWO people that responded to my contest, please email me at sbennettdesigns @ gmail . com. I'll send your coupon codes later today :)


Mrs. Thompson said...

Man! I just found your blog today!! What kind of awful luck is that?! ;-) Wait..I mean...LUCKY to find your blog...but UNLUCKY not to have found it before said-contest. :-)

You have some amazing stuff...I will be back!

Sara said...

woot! Thanks Sarah!! Sending you an email now!!

Kristin said...

Your talent is just what we're looking for! I found your blog on the Slice of Life blog train and thought I'd tell you about this great FREE ad opportunity.

I'm Kristin over at Digital Scrapbooking Giveaways. We recently started a new blog devoted solely to driving scrappers to YOUR blog and YOUR stores to buy YOUR products. For the kickoff, we're hosting a 25 days of Christmas digiscrap style. Designers who sign up to be a part of the kickoff will receive their feature completely free. Which includes a 24-hour exclusive front page feature post, button in our "Scraps we're giving away next week" section for 1 week, button in our "Scraps we're giving away this week" section for 1 week, 2 images of other kits for sale, review of products, direct links to your shop, etc. For a sample post, more information, and scheduling please e-mail

I'm excited to hear from you!

lin said...